Streaming TV now accounts for more than a third (and growing each month) of total time spent watching “TV” in the US. We use behavioral targeting, retargeting, your customer lists and more than 63,000 data segments from partners like Polk Automotive, Epsilon, Acxiom and Nielson to deliver targeted ads on most available streaming platforms. Our placements include dozens of platforms from Roku and Sling TV to Hulu and Discovery+.


With our household ID tracking, you’ll be able to see an ROI on your connected TV campaigns just like you can with other digital platforms, including website visits and conversions.


Logos of streaming services within SI Auto's connected TV program, including Hulu.


Note: Though there are slight differences, the terms OTT (over the top), connected TV, streaming TV, AVOD (ad-supported video on demand) and SVOD (subscription video on demand) all refer to the same concept — watching video content via the internet rather than a broadcast or cable connection.

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