The Art of Blending Traditional and Digital


SI Auto is a full-service marketing agency that’s equipped to handle any of your dealership’s marketing needs and advertising placements. Read more about our services below, and click each one to view more details.

Our account executives and coop specialists are trained to handle coop from beginning to end, including creative pre-approvals, required documentation and filing claims. We’ll track the claims and report payout information to you on a regular basis — it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

You worked hard and spent money getting shoppers to your website. If they leave without converting, retargeting ads will keep your message in front of them as they continue to browse the web. We’re able to retarget all site visitors, or you can segment based on which pages or vehicles they browsed. Retargeting campaigns can run on most mediums, including social media ads, connected TV, video and display.

Buy traditional ads with confidence that your money is being well-spent. Our strategists use industry-leading research from Nielsen, ComScore, Scarborough and others when customizing a solution for your market. Traditional placements range from broadcast media like television and radio to out-of-home advertising including billboards.

Americans spent an average of 1 hour, 40 minutes every day on social media platforms in 2022. From classics like Facebook and Instagram to newcomers like TikTok, it’s imperative to reach your customers where they are. But with ever-changing targeting and tracking restrictions, the days of anyone’s kid being able to run Facebook ads are over.


We supercharge our social campaigns with multiple audience segments, including native platform targeting, retargeting, your first-party data and data from partners like Polk Automotive. With this combination, we’ve been able to achieve an average click-through rate on Facebook in 2022 that’s more than double the automotive industry benchmark1.

Audio ads have a wide reach — you can get in front of your audience in their car, on their smartspeaker at home, on their headphones at work or on the boat during the summer months. Our strategists can plug your ads into music and podcasts on platforms including Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, PodcastOne, Univision and more.

Streaming TV now accounts for more than a third (and growing each month) of total time spent watching “TV” in the US. We use behavioral targeting, retargeting, your customer lists and more than 63,000 data segments from partners like Polk Automotive, Epsilon, Acxiom and Nielson to deliver targeted ads on most available streaming platforms. Our placements include dozens of platforms from Roku and Sling TV to Hulu and Discovery+.


With our household ID tracking, you’ll be able to see an ROI on your connected TV campaigns just like you can with other digital platforms, including website visits and conversions.


Logos of streaming services within SI Auto's connected TV program, including Hulu.


Note: Though there are slight differences, the terms OTT (over the top), connected TV, streaming TV, AVOD (ad-supported video on demand) and SVOD (subscription video on demand) all refer to the same concept — watching video content via the internet rather than a broadcast or cable connection.

Deliver your video content on sites from YouTube to ESPN.com to the local news outlet. Placements are available in a variety of lengths, horizontal/square/vertical formats and skippable/nonskippable settings. Retarget your website visitors or customer lists, or use behaviors and data segments to hit new shoppers.

The most cost-effective way to deliver a message hundreds of thousands of times, banner ads allow you to get your dealership onto most local and national websites. Our designers and strategists can produce and place standard display banners, animated banners, interactive HTML5 banners and dynamic banners featuring your local inventory. Retarget your website visitors or customer lists, or use behaviors and data segments to hit new shoppers.

Search is often the largest single marketing expense for dealerships. Our Google Ads-certified team has a decade of experience with automotive search campaigns, running everything from standard search ads and call-only ads to brand-new Vehicle Ads (VLA) campaigns and dynamic search campaigns. Available search placements include Google, Bing and smaller platforms like Yahoo.

A good team plays off of each other’s strengths, and so should your paid media campaigns. Our strategy team includes both traditional and digital media experts who work together and look at the whole picture. Then they’ll make platform recommendations based on your goals, market and budget. Then, we manage all of your campaigns in-house in concert with your account executive. See below for more about individual advertising channels.

Leverage the thousands of customers in your CRM with effective email campaigns. Our designers can build custom email templates for your BDC to execute. From service specials or monthly offers to upcoming events, we’ll help you keep in touch with your customers and work to bring them back to your lot.

Our designers can produce custom graphics for your website to highlight vehicle offers, holiday hours, special inventory, service specials or any other featured content. Then we’ll load the banners to your site for you, or work with your website provider to deploy them.

You’ll have access to a complete performance dashboard anytime, anywhere. Our TraDigital™ reporting software brings together all of your digital campaigns, website analytics, social media platforms, organic search results and review numbers to provide a holistic look at your full marketing picture. We are also able to add traditional media results as provided by TV and radio stations and out-of-home providers.


Graphs and charts in a screenshot from a marketing reporting dashboard.

Vehicle Ads (VLA) are Google’s answer to third-party lead providers like Cars.com or AutoTrader, where you can highlight your inventory in a carousel at the top of Google search results pages. We’ll connect your inventory feed to Google’s shopping platform and integrate these ads into your search campaigns.

Consistency is key in building your brand. Our team has experience with buy/sells, renamings and brand development and can help ensure the process flows smoothly, including website updates, in-dealership collateral, updating ads and rebranding social media channels and listings.

Reviews give potential customers a window into your business. Our team will monitor your reviews on platforms including Google, Facebook, DealerRater, Yelp, Cars.com and more. You’ll receive daily review round-ups, and our team will post custom responses to all reviews — positive and negative. We can also train and provide resources for your customer-facing sales and service teams, so they can solicit positive reviews and help gatekeep negative feedback before it goes online.

Your Google Business Profile accounts for as much as a third of your SEO. Our content specialists will make sure it is complete and optimized, and will regularly load custom content to your listing. Using the Cars for Sale feature, we can also showcase your local inventory on your listing.

The way your customers interact with your social media has changed significantly over the past few years, but it’s still important to have local, custom content on your social channels. Our content creators works hands-on with your team to produce unique content highlighting your vehicles, your employees and your involvement. We also monitor your accounts for messages, comments and reviews, and handle those on your behalf accordingly.

A true TraDigital™ media plan includes both paid media and earned media. Our PR associates are accredited by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and have expertise ranging from traditional public relations and grassroots marketing to crisis communications and event coordination.

Good SEO requires constant attention, relevant content and a solid ranking strategy. Our experts monitor algorithm updates and set up robust tracking so we always know where your site stands. Then, our on-staff writers craft original content you won’t find anywhere else and upload optimized landing pages and blogs.

Our content creators craft original online content every day. You’ll never see your social media posts or website content on another dealership. And together with our Content Studio, we can help your brand stand out on platforms like TikTok, engage with local influencers and develop a true social strategy.

Build your brand with a consistent message. Our in-house designers, artists and creative directors can translate your brand onto digital ads, billboards, printed materials, website graphics, email templates and more. Plus, we’ll kick your static ads up a notch with animated and interactive HTML5 creative. See our work.

We’ll connect your inventory feed to your Facebook ads account. Then, we’ll be able to place your vehicles in front of potential shoppers targeted based on their targeting signals. We can also retarget shoppers with vehicles they’ve looked at before, bringing them back to your website.

Showcase your inventory inside your display banners in real-time. Potential shoppers will see your inventory, targeted based on their browsing history and online behavior. Or retarget them with vehicles they’ve looked at before, and get them back to your site.

Incorporate your live inventory feed into your video assets that are running on connected TV, web video/pre-roll and Facebook. We’ll sync your inventory feed to our video platforms, and shoppers will get a real-time look at what’s available on your lot.


Inventory levels have become unpredictable, and the only way to make sure you’re showing up in searches for vehicles you actually have in stock is through dynamic search ads. We’ll connect your inventory feed to our search campaigns, and dynamically update ad groups and ad copy based on what’s currently available at your dealership.


  1. SI Auto Mar-Aug 2022 Facebook CTR (all clicks): 2.14%. Facebook CTR benchmark (automotive): 0.80%. Source: Wordstream.
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