Is your marketing keeping up?

More than ever, dealerships need a reliable marketing partner to navigate emerging tech and industry trends.

Meet your new best friend.

We combine hometown service with the knowledge and technology you expect from the nation’s largest marketing firms. And we’ve got a decade of proven success in automotive.

A New World in Automotive

Today, marketing dollars are worth more than they ever have been. And quite often, you are using your own personal funds rather than co-op.

Instead of a different vendor for each service, why not consolidate into a single firm that has the insight and technology you need for all of the different marketing channels?

Stretching a dollar.

Create synergy among your marketing dollars. With a data-driven full-service partner like SI Auto, you’ll be able to stretch your dollar in an ever-changing and tightening market.

In fact, we’re usually able to help our clients trim their budgets by 15% without losing steam.

At SI Auto, we invented TraDigital™ — literally, we own the trademark.


Our Clients

Lots of dealers change vendors often, always looking for the latest shiny object. But at SI Auto, our average dealership has been with us for 6.5 years.

This is what a true partnership looks like.

Committed to local service.

Your account is managed by team members we hire in your dealership’s local market. No one understands your market like someone who lives and works there. And with an account executive who’s just a quick drive away, our team is more responsive and available than any other.

Partner with SI Auto. We’ll deliver right-sized budgets for the current market and data-driven decisions based on your inventory, custom orders and other profit centers.

Our personalized dynamic capabilities across all platforms allow our campaigns to instantly adapt to changes on the lot.

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