We think the proof is in the pudding.

Our dealers stick around. We’re proud of an 85% client retention rate over the past three years, and our average dealer has been with us for 6+ years.

Case Study — Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Earning “Free” Site Traffic

A Ford dealership in Arkansas has retained MHP/Team SI’s SEO services since 2018. Our SEO content marketing strategy revolves around high-quality, original, custom content. Our team visits the dealership to get local content, and uses the latest AI tools and technology to increase production efficiency and reduce content time-to-market.

We combine this top-notch content with regular technical SEO audits and optimizations to ensure peak website viewability and performance. We also maintain the dealership’s Google Business Profile, including publishing regular posts, Q&As and photos, maintaining listing accuracy and utilizing of all of the listing’s features.

Before partnering with SI Auto, the dealership averaged 3,000 organic users monthly. In 2022, the dealership averaged 7,000 organic users monthly. Using Clarivoy’s conversion attribution technology, we’re able to pin an organic search as a touchpoint on 37% of vehicles sold in a typical month. As the final touchpoint before a sale, organic search closed 22% of vehicles sold in a typical month, for a cost of $45 per vehicle sold.

Case Study — Connected TV

Calculating ROI on Television

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Finally — trackable ROI on television. The problem with most traditional advertising is that you never truly know if it’s working. With connected TV, you’re able to see exactly who’s watching, where they’re watching, and whether or not they’re visiting your website.

SI Auto’s CTV campaigns are generating trackable results at ⅓ the cost per lead of traditional TV advertising. Our client, a Nissan dealership in Arkansas, is running several campaigns on connected TV. Over a period of four months, SI Auto delivered 304,363 video messages, and was able to tie almost 10,000 website visits and 90 phone calls and form fills directly back to the CTV campaigns. Despite being branding messages, and being during an election cycle, the client’s cost per lead of $200 still amounted to less than a third that of traditional TV advertising.

Case Study — Dynamic Search Ads

The New World of Search

Search produces the lowest-funnel, lowest-cost leads for dealerships. Search has been fairly consistent for years, but recent developments including dynamic search campaigns and Google VLA (Vehicle Listing Ads) are changing the game.

SI Auto began running dynamic search campaigns during the inventory crunch in 2022. Through a connection to your inventory feed, the ad platform will automatically turn campaigns on and off based on your current stock. When a vehicle is in stock, we will run ads for it, and while it is not available on the lot, we will turn those ads off. With this optimization, we were able to limit excess budget from not-in-stock models while still reducing our cost per lead by almost 30% from earlier this year. Our $11.63 CPL is more than 4x less than Google’s automotive industry benchmark for search campaigns.

Case Study — Dynamic Facebook Ads

Save the Clicks

Image with numbers: Facebook benchmark is 0.80%, SI Auto performance is 2.14%

As inventory shrank and incentive-based ads ceased, dealers needed ways to go beyond branding ads and still promote their vehicles.

Facebook dynamic inventory ads increase personalization to the end shopper, which results in more clicks, higher CTRs and ultimately more leads.

The benchmark CTR for vehicle ads on Facebook is 0.80%; in 2022, SI Auto is averaging a 2.14% CTR across all our Facebook ads. And among just our dynamic ads on Facebook, we’re seeing an average 2.96% CTR.

Case Study — Facebook Lead-Gen Ads

Save the Leads

Privacy restrictions from Facebook, Apple, Google and others make it increasingly difficult to accurately track conversions and prove ROI and ROAS on marketing campaigns. Dealerships are increasingly turning to Facebook lead ads to have concrete conversion records from the platform.

A car-buying team in Arkansas asked SI Auto to generate We Buy Cars leads through social media. We used a combination of native Facebook targeting, Polk Data audiences and first-party data, and A-B tested various forms of creative. After months of experimenting and fine-tuning, the campaigns are consistently generating strong leads with a $21 CPL.

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